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extra no

will this game ever be available on mac?


I feel like a Visual Novel sequel would be nice for this game...maybe an 18+ dating sim where you date some of the orcs that came to the pub. ;>)

nothing works, I'm stuck at the start menu, can't click anything at all

hello, thank for reaching us, the game doesn't use mouse imputs, intead controls uses wasd and space, if this doesn't work please talk back to us to try and find a solution :)

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short but good enough!!!


I cannot confirm anything. When I try to play, I press Enter but nothing happens. Please help?

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hi... we understand for now controls aren't as intuitive as we would like, in this build, you can move holding WASD, also to interact with the tables and kegs you can use the directionals buttons against them, we will be working to make the game easier to understand (from a usability viewpoint)

Also sorry for the error about the controls, the accept button is Space, we arrange it on the description

Ah. Thank you!

:D Gotta love those drunk orcs!
Nice game and awesome graphics!

hehe ty :) we will continue the development for sure... :)